USAGE : FPGA Based Oscilloscope with Java GUI

Directory Stucture

You need


First, make sure RXTX, Serial Library, is installed.

Program FPGA

Java GUI

  1. Set SerialPort
  2. "Connect" Button
  3. Switch to "Oscilloscope View" Tab
  4. Click "Aquisition Start" Button

Use with OsciSimulator
  1. Start: OsciDummy
  2. Start: SkolController
  3. Switch to "Ethernet UDP" Tab.
  4. "Connect"
  5. Switch to "Oscilloscope View" Tab
  6. "Aquisition Start"
  7. "Connect"
  8. "Connect" Button
  9. Switch to "Oscilloscope View" Tab
  10. Click "Aquisition Start" Button